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Curriculum Vitae

  • 1964: Roderick is born on 4th December in Sorengo, Switzerland. He comes from an artistic family. His parents are Frederick Stafford and Marianne Hold.
  • 1973: At nine Roderick starts taking his first piano lessons (Notre Dame International School, Rome). He starts writing his first songs and develops a technique for imitating the sound of drums with his mouth.
  • 1977: At the age of 13 he starts playing the guitar after being influenced by The Beatles. He takes private lessons with Ms. C. Weber in Zurich. He attends her classes for six consecutive years before preparing for the entrance exams in Vienna which he passes in '83.
  • 1983 - '84: Attendance at the Konservatorium Wien (classical guitar & composition). His professors are E. Rieger und I. Schoch. During his spare time he trains his voice with the singer of "No Bros", a known Austrian rock band at the beginning of the 80s. First contacts with the Austrian music scene.
  • 1983: First 8 & 16 track recordings in Vienna (Benkö-Studio, 16 track). This is the studio where Falco recorded his s uper hit song "Der Kommissar".
  • 1984 - '86: Duo formation with Bayer (alias Markus Tränkle), who was the drummer of a well known punk band called "Mother's Ruin". Together Roderick and Bayer start recording their first 8 track tapes and make a few public appearances. They produce a super 8 film. During this period Roderick is strongly influenced by Peter Gabriel and The Police. He also starts listening to Supertramp and King Crimson. The duo splits at the beginning of 1987.
  • 1987: First 24 track recordings with Martin Pearson (producer of Krokus' "Metal Rendez-Vous") at the Powerplay Studios.
  • 1987 - '90: Roderick starts writing songs for his solo project. He produces various cassettes and concentrates on improving his composition techniques. During this period he meets Jessie Kim who introduces him to Simon Dale Sanders (lyricist of Phil Carmen´s "On My Way In LA").
  • 1990: "Silberkugel" television and radio spot": Silberkugel is a restaurant chain that belongs to the Mövenpick group. Martin Pearson asked Roderick to assist him in writing the TV and radio spot jingle, which he did. This jingle was Roderick's first success.
  • 1990 - '91: Roderick joins the rock group Meanviles (Heinrich Heinricht (g) from "Captain Henry", Hansi Schwarz (b) from "Hamp Goes Wild") as lead singer and composer. The project was initiated by Bayer, who was also the band leader. Together they tour throughout Switzerland (13 venues) and in the fall they team up with Martin Pearson to produce the CD "Clockout". A journalist nick names Roderick as the Swiss Freddie Mercury. This was a big compliment for Roderick, who has always been a great fan of Queen.
  • 1991: Release of "Clockout". The project includes 13 tracks that were taped in a mad five day session with Martin Pearson at Powerplay Studios. Roderick writes under the pseudonym of Rick Hold.
  • 1991: Roderick and the Meanviles are selected to participate at the annual "Marlboro Rock In" competition. In an insider club in Lausanne, they manage to get into the quarter finals. David Bowie nearly turned up as well.
  • 1991: An amazing one hour concert is broadcasted on DRS 3. However, the band splits shortly thereafter. Roderick starts experimenting with MIDI and decides to start recording his first solo album. He meets Moritz Wetter, the owner of Hardstudios in Winterthur.
  • 1992: Again a solo artist, Roderick is selected to attend the "Züri-Fäscht" competition sponsored by the Swiss national radio (DRS). He reaches 4th place and wins a prize (a big teddy bear).
  • 1993: Another competition: 2nd place at the "Volley Wila" song contest sponsored by Hitradio Z.
  • 1993: First test concert at the disco "Adagio", Kongresshaus, Zurich.
  • 1994: Roderick releases "The Wishbridge", his first solo CD, in March of that year. The project is engineered by Moritz Wetter and produced by Roderick. Christian Ostermeier known for his soprano saxophone on Double's "The Captain Of Her Heart" plays on two of the ten tracks on Roderick's album. Around half of the copies were bought by students.
  • 1994: CD promotion on the Dolder ice rink in Zurich.
  • 1994: Various CD presentations on local radios (Radio Z; Radio Munot AG; Radio DRS 1; Radio DRS 3; Radio della svizzera italiana).
  • 1995: Roderick attends the 15th "Internationaler Schlager-Festival" in Gipf-Oberfrick. He manages to get the 4th place in the category for professionals.
  • 1995: In April Roderick becomes a member of the SUISA.
  • 1995: One hour interview on Radio Munot AG. They played 80 % of "The Wishbridge".
  • 1995: Swiss Top (DRS 1): 2nd place.
  • 1996: Andromeda Sound & Vision, R. Strobl (production company) becomes an officially registered company.
  • 1996: New team with DJ M. C. Eugster ("Zillertaler Hochzeitsmarsch" remix) on "Technocowboy". The maxi single was released in the fall. Fresh Music (Gutze Gautschi) did the distribution. Martin Byland was responsible for the cover.
  • 1996: Roderick appears as special guest at the disco "Space" in St. Gallen. Stephanie Berger (Miss Switzerland) was the show master for the evening. Oliver Meyer (M.angement) and Gutze Gautschi are there as well.
  • 1996: Promotional evening at a foam party in Reineck, St. Gallen. There was so much foam that you couldn't see the audience.
  • 1996: Roderick starts working with Martin Byland for a cover to the 2nd edition of "The Wishbridge". At a concert Roderick chats up Emel. Both are amused.
  • 1997: Roderick starts working on his new CD. M. C. Eugster, Alexius Tschallener, Tommy Mustac, Moritz Wetter, Ivan Colaci, Janine Amberg, Rosmarie Ruppolo and Nilly Gülhan are part of his new team.
  • 1997: Preparation at the Colombo dance school in Zurich for the small "Prix Walo". Roderick is influenced by The Corrs, Nec, Petshop Boys and Nothing But The Girl. He also rediscovers The Bee Gees and Abba.
  • 1997: "Junior Prix Walo": Roderick reaches the quarter finals.
  • 1998: Roderick plays guitar on a Tibetan school project in Rikon. A cassette in produced and released in May 1998. He also works as a text editor for Domenico, a talented tenor singer and composer who lives in the canton of Bern.
  • 1998: Attendance at the Popkomm.98 in Cologne. Nilly Gülhan (Nelifer)(Female Funk Project) joins him at this occasion. They meet "Die Fantastischen Vier" and "Freundeskreis". During this period, Roderick becomes a big admirer of Janet Jackson and Ace of Base.
  • 1998: Roderick becomes a member of the Swissperform.
  • 1998: Participation at the Benelux International Song Festival.
  • 1999: Mastering of the new album (Flowers From Hitchcock). The project will include 15 pop songs. The songs are in English, French and German. The CD is full of surprises.
  • 1999: First video reportage done with Job TV (Tele 24 / Tele Züri). The documentary runs for a period of one month and wins 1st prize in the category of short films.
  • 1999: Roderick is working together with Rosmarie Ruppolo on Swiss-German songs that will be part of a painting exposition taking place in the fall of this year.
  • 1999: "Flowers From Hitchcock" is released on 13.8.99, Sir Hitchcock´s 100th birthday.
  • 2000: "Flowers From Hitchcock" is played on numerous German radio stations.
  • 2000: Roderick and Rosmarie give a concert in Grenchen (see picture in the news section). The concert is a success. Further are to follow. Roderick also takes part in the GP der Volksmusik and gets in the top 30 of 697 participants.
  • 2000: Roderick becomes a member of the SMMV Switzerland.
  • 2000: Distribution of "Flowers From Hitchcock" in the US via major internet portals (CDUniverse, CDNow, Amazon.)
  • 2001: MTV Networks: Roderick is in for the runner up selection for the Newcomer contest.
  • 2001: Roderick writes the lyrics on Domenico´s maxi single "Manuel" which is released in Febuary
  • 2001: He becomes a member of VIVA-SWIZZ TV.
  • 2001: "Rosemarie´s Babies" (a band Roderick supports) play at the Wunder Bar in Zurich. They ask Roderick to act as their producer.
  • 2001: U. Legend promotes Roderick´s site on his celebrity homepage in the US.
  • 2002: A Californian promotion company promotes Roderick's songs for TV shows, movies and TV spots.
  • 2002: Roderick's repertoire consists of 341 songs.
  • 2002: "Flowers From Hitchcock" is distributed in New York via an alternative label
  • 2002: He starts working with Saschka (gospel vocalist).
  • 2002: He co-writes various lyrics on "Domenico's" new CD (released on Citymusic)
  • 2003: For the first time he attends at M4Music in Zurich.
  • 2003: New songs and home recordings with Rosmarie
  • 2003: Roderick starts his tour throughout Switzerland. The motto of his concerts is "Roderick Stafford plays Beatles and own compositions".
  • 2004: Roderick travels to Paris and Budapest (the first time in April)
  • 2004, June: Roderick opens his own 24-track studio
  • 2004, July: Roderick starts working with Csilla Varga, a Hungarian pianist, who plays at different locations throughout Switzerland. He starts writing lyrics for her. They have sporadic live performances.
  • 2005, April: Csilla and Roderick meet Silvan Zingg, the manager of the Boogie Woogie Festival 2005 in Lugano. It is a three day festival held at the Palazzo dei Congressi, Lugano.
  • 2006: Preservation Mix (restoration and transfer of unofficial recordings) which resulted in 33 CDs and corresponding covers
    Recordings and production of "Sunday Recordings" with Csilla Varga
  • 2007: « Sunday Recordings » release date is 7.7.2007
    Preservation Mix is finalised (includes Roderick's recordings from 1978 to 2006)
    Duet appearances with Csilla Varga (piano)
    The Meanviles get together
  • 2008: Roderick produces customised one-off CD projects together with Csilla for special occasions. He works as musical lector for Csilla's bachelor diploma at WIAM (Winterthurer Institut für Aktuelle Musik)
  • 2009: Live performance on the top floor of WIAM on July 2, 2009 with Csilla Varga
  • 2010: WIAM roof concert mix and video; trip to Kuala Lumpur and Singapore (Master Module)
  • 2011: Monday folk duo get-together sessions
  • 2012: Completion of Master of Business Administration in International Business
  • 2012: Sporadic private folk duo concerts with Evergreens

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